Back to FabScan and my Prusa

Getting a panel of three bare FabScan 1.1 Arduino shields from OSH Park (a great deal by the way) Looks like they will arrive at work tomorrow.  I have most of the SMD components, the newer camera  so I’ll try and modify the FabScan proto I built over a year ago.

FabScan Shield 1.1


I’ll post more as I work through building the boards – I’m going to build out all three board though I only have one FabScan at the moment. Maybe I can get the kids to build another one with me for their school.

In other news, found the extruder I was trying to use was a variant of Greg’s that would not work with my x-carrage and the mod I did to try and make it work caused the filament to buckle. I think it was too much open space between the extruder and the top of the hot-end.

Work is going to get crazy in the next few weeks so I’ll be escaping to my Prusa and FabScan for some occupational therapy when time permits.


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The state of my desk….

Portrait of a paternal geek

Still life

Time to clean the desk. As you can see there are about 5 projects in this image. See if you can identify any of them and comment about what you see.


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What A Day!!!!

Happy Birthday Nick!  We love you.

Nikki and Claire got to dance in the Shock Shack at the Maker Faire (also 8 today).

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May 18th is Nikkis’ 8th Birthday and the MakerFaire!!!!

This gallery contains 6 photos.

As I write this it’s 10 more days until Nikkis 8th birthday and the opening of the Maker Faire. We’ve been spreading the word and hope to see all our friends on Saturday 5/18. Of course, while were there, we’ll … Continue reading

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Plasma Cutter!!!!!

Wow it’s been months since I have written and this will be short too. Got the plasma cutter working and had way too much fun at 24,000 F. But I need more space since the spray is a bit too much for comfort.

Need to throw an aux air filter on the rig and make up something to use as a fence but I should be good to go.

Here’s one pic. This little (2-3″) cut took less than a few seconds. It was quite surprising having only cut with Oxy-Acetylene before. I can see so many of the advantages to this over Oxy-Acetylene though. So many ideas!


And another. I used the edge of this piece of channel steel as a fence and I can see with some practice how small and smooth the kerf could be.


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Woo Hoo… My first Instructable and Thing

Just submitted my first Instructable and Thing today. Please check them out for more details.

The Instructable

And the Thing


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I be printing!

Well it’s been over a year 1 rebuild, some linear bearings and a hot bed and I am now printing. The thermal head and steppers need calibration but all the parts are working.

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Freaking Geeks with “Lasers”

Woo hoo! Finally got the laser setting right for my project and the parts came out perfectly. Now on to the sanding/staining/sealing.

Here are some pics.


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Back to the Prusa

Happy 4th! Got the flag out this morning. I guess I have been a bit busy this past few months. But, I started back on the Prusa last night. I guess I was a bit discouraged but I really want to finish this and to start printing. I am exploring other project which really need printed parts (e.g. 3D UV resin printer).


I bought a linear bearing set for the x and z axis’ and am hoping that will be the final big part(s) I need. I also have a heated bed, but My power supply might not be enou for it. Once I get the rest of the printer done And working minus the bed, I’ll focus on that.

I need to couple the z screws to the z steppers but I’m thinking the brass shim stock won’t do the trick and I should do what I see everyone else doing which is using vinal tube. After the fireworks tonight when the kids are asleep, I’ll start digging around for some.


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Nikki’s first soldering kit!

Saturday AM with Nikki, a soldering iron and a box of parts! Priceless!

Nikki picked out a couple of kits at the MakerFaire but I had to travel for a couple weeks after so we just got to them today. He was nervous to begin with but felt much more confident after and really focused.

He has a very steady hand and after holding the solder (lead free) for me he started soldering the rest of the components except the IC.

Oh yeah. It was the Dice kit from SpikenzieLabs. Here is the kit we built.



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