> 1000˚F

[Ooops, it was a bit warmer than 800 F]

Well as luck would have it Uncle Gary was cleaning up and unearthed an older steel fire extinguisher! Our foundry was complete.

That night we cleaned and gutted the fire extinguisher and cut it in half!!! WooHoo  Bandsaws…


Next we packed the foundry with its new crucible and charcoal and lit it up with the torch.

It took about 15 minutes or so to get to temp. which we determined by putting one can in the crucible and poking it occasionally with a steel rod.

Lesson: (1)  realized that the hairdryer probably should be blowing only cold air to help keep the tube cooler. (2) the blower tube should be pointing down as in Grants video – we’ll fix this with some casting cement.

After almost 20 min the test cans started to soften and the race was on (get as many cans in before the charcoal runs out).

Click thru for the At temp video.

About 10-15 min later we have gone through about 16-20 cans and were barely 1/3 full but decided to keep it simple for tonight and pour what we had. (Isn’t it amazing what a hairdryer and some charcoal can do!) Notice the molten aluminum in the crucible.


It poured just like Grant’s video, and we tapped out the dross after.

IMG_8604Note the wide mouth pliers at the bottom left. Found them at Harbor Freight for $8 and they work perfectly. You can see the dross on the bricks and the muffins in the tin!

Now for a nice cup-o-joe to go with the muffins…. Make that Earl Grey tea.


Next week we’ll cook up the rest of the cans and pour a couple of tins then start working on some lost-foam casting!

Thanks for reading!!!


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