Family Foundry – The curing run….

Got a a few more things done since the last post including a “dry” run tonight without a crucible (it arrives on Friday or Saturday).

Below is the foundry the next morning with the blower pipe attached. I messed up the angle so we’ll try it as is and patch with some refractory cement I got on Amazon if needed.


Then we poured the top…

IMG_8299 IMG_8303

It took till Wednesday night to do the dry run but we put it all together and…..

Click here for the video: by-foundry02182015

Checked the temp with the Fluke and it hits about 600F. Heres a still of the whole set up….



As I mentioned previously, I gave in and got a crucible on eBay. I have a lead on some 3″ black iron sprinkler pipe that may fit the bill but for this weekend we’ll see if this little foundry can heat up a traditional graphite crucible.

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