Maker Faire 2014 and Slowing down…..

It was a great weekend.  Seeing the fair through my kids eyes is always good, especially building spaceships from scrap at the SCRAP booth – please check them out.


I’ll post more picks later, but wanted to throw this next thing up to remind myself to settle down….

Last week, after getting the Prusa i3v done,  I let Nick select something from Thingiverse and he chose a globe (here). Turns out it was a 10 hour job….. So at the ninth hour  (about 5:00 AM) thing were looking pretty good.

beforeSooooo.  I decided to speed things up a bit then walk out for a few minutes and make some tea…..


Should have had the tea first. But I did come up with my first big lesson in 3D printing. Of course I didn’t do it just once…. Now the globe and sign sit on my desk.







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