Not quite 80/20…

Again, it’s been months since I’ve posted to my woefully neglected blog, but we’ve been busy making stuff and having fun.

Found a bunch of t-slot and soon realized it isn’t the fabled 80/20 but a knock off. I discovered this when I tried to find some drawings of the two types I had (a rect. and a corner).
square-tslot corner-tslot
SketchUp to the rescue!
So I sat on my little red couch with two pieces of aluminum, SketchUp and my vernier caliper and got to work.
I haven’t used SketchUp in awhile so I was a bit rusty. That said, it’s a real testament to the usability of an app when I could knock these out in about half an hour.

So I am now able to plan out how I am going to use the t-slot. I am thinking of a small CNC router…. We’ll see.


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